Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

Providing services ranging from registering and set¬ting up your company’s operations to managing your EU, North African and Middle Eastern and Asian clients very cost-effectively. Cyprus is committed to sustain¬able growth and economic development. with pristine beaches and enviable weather, Cyprus blends a high quality of life with maximum business benefits, cater¬ing for individuals and families.

10 Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

1. EU & Eurozone
EU27 Member since May 2004, Economic and Monetary Union Member since January 2008.     

2. Strategic location
Cyprus is Europe’s eastern outpost at the crossroads of three continents Europe, Africa and Asia providing a gateway to and from each one of them.

3. Taxation
Cyprus offers one of the most attractive tax systems in Europe and a network of double taxation agreements with key countries. The country provides a simplified, effective and transparent tax regime that is fully compliant with the EU laws and regulations.

4. Human Talent
Cyprus has a young, well-educated, skilled and multilingual human capital base and offers a high standard of specialist professional services.

5. Value for Money
Cyprus offers relatively lower operating costs with high quality services, including banking, tax, accounting, auditing, business administration, legal, investment and funds management.

6. Legal Framework
Cyprus provides an effective transparent regulatory and legal framework based on the Common Law and is fully harmonized with the framework of EU laws and regulations.

7. Well-developed Infrastructure
State-of-the-art high speed internet connectivity, mobile telecommunications, a modern road network, two international airports in Larnaka and Pafos and two ports in Limassol and Larnaka.

8. Ease of Doing Business
Cyprus has developed into an international quality business centre that offers specialized services and rewarding business opportunities catering for the diverse needs of international investors, enhancing the ease of doing business.

9. Quality of Life
Cyprus offers a wonderful environment with a very comfortable standard of living. Living and working in Cyprus is combined with fabulous weather, beautiful nature, art and culture, safety, security, and above all, hospitable people.

10. Government Incentives
There are various incentives offered for businesses and entrepreneurial activities.

Investor's Guide (Download pdf)