6 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your House

25 September 2018

Before even considering putting your property on sale, there is a lot to do, especially if you wish to get a fair price and avoid various pre- and after-sale complications.



  1. Find Ways to Make Buyers Feel Welcomed 
  2. Making potential customers feel relaxed and welcomed lays the foundation for successful negotiations.

    Make sure your house is easy to find and access, by posting precise and accurate directions. If your property stands in a remote area, you can use GPS coordinates to help interested buyers find you easily.

    Make sure the entrance is well-painted, clean the walkway is free from weeds and debris, and the garden looks at its best. Make sure you place a new doormat in front of the door too. Get some flowers in the vases inside, have some cookies and coffee or tea ready and put on your brightest smile.

  3. Cleanliness is Godliness
  4. Cleanliness is the best indication of proper maintenance and overall state and condition. So, make sure everything sparkles, especially sensitive rooms, like the kitchen and the bathroom. If cleaning does not do the trick, then consider painting a room.

    If you plan to sell some of the internal furniture and decorative elements, such as rugs and carpets, make sure they are shiny clean too.

    Needless to say, any bug or pest issues should be resolved days before letting people inside. If the problem is serious, ask for professional help.

  5. Get your Packing in Order
  6. Rooms with boxes, sheet over furniture and cluttered with books and personal items are hardly the image that would allure a potential buyer. So, make sure you start packing weeks before starting showing your property to visitors. Empty spaces give buyers a clearer view of the house’s layout and help the imagine how their life and furniture would look.

  7. Make all the Necessary Micro-Repairs
  8. Most buyers are influenced in their decisions by minor things that catch their attention and shape their overall feeling about a property – either positive or negative. If they are ill-disposed about your house, there is no argument, paperwork or assurances that can get them to reconsider. 

    Hence, make sure all little damages and proof of wear and corrosion are dealt with, other by repairing them or by replacing them.

  9. Improve your Interior & Exterior Lighting
  10. Lighting fixtures are often among the first things potential buyers notice, so, make sure all of them have a modern, fresh look that matches your house’s character and style. Replace burnt bulbs with new ones and make sure all lights beam the proper light colour for each room.

    You can also use lighting tricks to afford certain areas and room a better look and impression. For instance, ambient lighting fills the room, while directional or task lighting is better in kitchens, studies and kid rooms. Accent lighting is great for highlighting certain focal points too, like a painting.

  11. Use the Natural Light to your Advantage 

Having installed the proper window treatments allows the natural light to illuminate the room, makes it look bigger and ameliorates its overall impression.

Window treatments also influence the room’s ambient temperature, which is a must for buyers highly interested in energy saving.

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