The Ayia Napa Marina is Transforming the Whole Area

31 July 2018

The most ambitious construction project of the last decade in the eastern Mediterranean is advancing fast, with the representatives of the consortium behind it stating that the first part of the Marin will be ready on schedule – that is the early summer of 2019, with the second part following quickly after that.

In the meantime, the change in the whole area is already visible and acts as a nice prelude of what is to come. A little more than a kilometre of the shoreline connecting Ayia Thecla and Makronissos has already been fenced off, and hundreds of workers work hard in consecutive shifts to keep up with the demanding schedule.

Let us remind that the project involves much more than the construction of a marina in the area. Berths, numerous amenities, shops, villas and two massive towers of luxurious residences and offices overlooking Ayia Napa’s waterfront are just the essential elements of this wonder to be.

The speed of the construction progress can easily fool the spectator into believing that the project meets no challenges; far from it. For example, most of the work is done on the sea, since constructors can only go as far as 45 metres inland, per the agreement with the local authorities. In fact, large chunks of the sea have been transformed during the last four months into the land, divided into properties and sold to real estate investors. None but nature itself has done so much in changing the landscape in Ayia Napa.

To that, we must also add the massive wave breaker, which will require no less than 9,000 concrete blocks and a great number of absorbing ones. Already, 1,000 of them are in place, marking the zenith of the progress made so far. In addition to the 360 berths, 240 dry docks will also be constructed, for yacht owners that wish to protect their vessels during the winter and perform any necessary repairs.

Sought-after Properties around the Marina

Naturally, properties developed around the marina have already attracted the interest of numerous real estate investors, locals and foreigners alike, since residences, shops and offices will skyrocket after the completion of the construction works, and rentals are reasonably expected to afford excellent returns to their owners.

Indeed, destined to be the jewel of the south-eastern coast of Cyprus, the Marina of Ayia Napa will soon be an amalgamation of luxurious residences, world-class yachting facilities, high-end retailers, waterfront dining options, and an array of recreational and nightlife experiences.


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