October 2018

5 Things You Should Love About Your Home Before You Commit

11 October 2018

Commitment is a serious thing and making one should always be the last step on a long decision-making journey.

House selection is a grave decision, but, as always with shopping, emotion can easily rush things and urge you to commit before ascer...

Why Fall Might Be the Best Time to Buy a Home

11 October 2018

True, most people will tell you spring, or early summer is a much better time to purchase a property, given the excellent weather and the opportunity the buyer has to fully examine the edifice, and a significant number of houses are listed for sal...

September 2018

6 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your House

25 September 2018

Before even considering putting your property on sale, there is a lot to do, especially if you wish to get a fair price and avoid various pre- and after-sale complications.

• Find Ways to Make Buyers Feel W...

Buy your Own Villa in Protaras & Agia Napa, under the Guarantee of SWEET HOME ESTATES

11 September 2018

Having dreams of a life near the sea, on a peaceful estate in a cosmopolitan yet charming location?

Now, you can get your own villa in the famed Mediterranean resorts of Protaras or Agia Napa, under the guarantee of the SWEET HOME ESTATES, lead...

August 2018

VIE BLEU Residences

28 August 2018

Vie Bleu – our new ethereal development features modern architectural concept while seamlessly integrating with the traditional Mediterranean style.

Prime Location

A mere 350 metres away from Protaras’ azure-coloured waters and f...

Cyprus – Investor’s New El Dorado?

10 August 2018

El Dorado, the legendary cradle of wealth that once excited the imagination of adventurers from Europe – a myth no doubt, but has since been the emblem of golden opportunities for people with perception and audacity.

Lo the question then:...

July 2018

The Ayia Napa Marina is Transforming the Whole Area

31 July 2018

The most ambitious construction project of the last decade in the eastern Mediterranean is advancing fast, with the representatives of the consortium behind it stating that the first part of the Marin will be ready on schedule – that is the ...

5 Reasons to Visit Cyprus This Summer

27 July 2018

Routine is the murderer of good things – including our summer vacations. If you find yourself constantly visiting the same destinations over and over again, then you surely have found the main reason you have stopped enjoying the place as be...

June 2018

Why Visit Cyprus in Summer?

07 June 2018

Ok, we admit that an article under the title “Reasons not to visit Cyprus this Summer” would be much shorter, but it would contain one or two lines at most. So we preferred to make it about the reasons to actually do visit Cyprus this ...

The White Pearl Residences

01 June 2018

For many years we have envisioned the creation of a residential complex whose design will integrate the design the beauty of the Kapparis landscape; we have finally fulfilled that ambition.

The White Pearl Residences - 8 detached 3-bedroom ...

May 2018

Meet the Ayia Napa "Ambassadors" in Cyprus

16 May 2018

A British couple is designated as the ‘Ambassadors of the Tourism of Ayia Napa,’ after visiting the area at least twenty times in their lifetime!

It is true! A couple of British that have literally fallen in love with the beauties ...

Live your Mediterranean Dream in Ayia Napa Marina!

02 May 2018

Are we supposed actually to live our dreams? Well, it depends on the dream, but also on our determination to see it realised.

So, how much do you covet a life of lavishness and luxury by the sea? For dreams like that do come true in a place of ...

April 2018

Ayia Napa Golf Course in Cape Greco Gets the Minister’s Approval

16 April 2018

Fourteen state properties covering around 104,000 square metres of land were leashed to the firm “Ayia Napa Forest Golf Ltd”, with the purpose of creating a golf course in the forest of Ayia Napa (Cape Greco), which is included in the ...

Explore the most Beautiful places in Ayia Napa - Cape Greco

09 April 2018

Launching a series of articles that will introduce the most beautiful places in the Famagusta Region and Ayia Napa, we present you the sole National forest of Cyprus and probably its most valued natural treasure, the Cape Greco!

The Sea Caves

A Beach Lover? Discover the Hottest Beach in Protaras Area

02 April 2018

Undeniable, Protaras’ winning card and crowning jewel as a summer destination is its sublime shoreline.

Since you apparently deem beaches as the most treasured trait of a summer site, let us beguile your mind and excite your imagination w...

March 2018

What to Expect from SWEET HOME ESTATES in the Upcoming Years

15 March 2018

Leading the Real Estate Development Industry in one of the hottest investment property destinations in the world, namely Protaras, Cyprus, is not a trifle. Sweet Home Real Estates has managed to the single most successful and prolific Real Estate ...

Three Thousand New Tourist Beds for Napa in Summer 2018

01 March 2018

More than 3,000 new beds will be available to visitors and tourists in the region of Ayia Napa and Protaras, the two most famous and popular summer resorts in Cyprus.

The fact that all these beds are ready way ahead from the advent of summer al...

February 2018

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Home

05 February 2018

Wherever you stand in the property buying funnel –whether you have made up your mind or not, guaranteed the necessary capital, decided on the destination, region, or even on a particular property- since there is no signature in the paper bea...

5 Tips to Buy a Home Abroad

01 February 2018

Whether the dream of a lifetime or a shrewd investment, buying a home abroad is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Years of experience in real estate purchases in other countries have taught us the significance of proper research, planning, as...

January 2018

3 Great Advantages to Buying an Investment Property in Cyprus

09 January 2018

Buying properties in foreign European markets has been a standard investment strategy for investors from all over the world – and Cyprus has been the centre of interest during the last few years, offering a blend of advantages that are diffi...

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