5 Reasons to Visit Cyprus This Summer

27 July 2018

Routine is the murderer of good things – including our summer vacations. If you find yourself constantly visiting the same destinations over and over again, then you surely have found the main reason you have stopped enjoying the place as before.

Hence, why not try something different this year? Cyprus has gained global repute as one of the most appealing locations for summer escapes, be it with your family, lover, or friends. Check out the main reasons you should seriously consider this beautiful island.

It Ranks Among the Safest Countries around the World

A study conducted two years ago ranked Cyprus among the 5 safest countries in the globe, for locals and tourists alike.

Safety and the sense of security is often an issue during summer holidays in picturesque summer destinations. People hanging out to remote beaches alone, or partying late at night can easily find themselves in sticky situations, or find their valuables missing upon returning to their room. Well, in Cyprus you don’t have to worry about such things.

Boasting the lower delinquency rates in eastern Europe and having one of the greatest ratios of police officers and population, Cyprus has become the synonym of worry-free summer escapes.

Famous for its Summer Partying

If you are a youngster or a seasoned party animal, making sure you will have many summer parties going on is essential.

Well, that is one of the first things that put Cyprus in the top summer destination list in the first place. If such rumours haven’t reached you already, just Google the words Ayia Napa’ and you will get an idea of what we are talking about.

Fantastic Coastline

Ok, that is probably another crucial factor when picking out your next summer destination.

Cyprus’ coastline is an ensemble of drops of earthly heaven: emerald and azure coloured waters, golden sand beaches, most of which are awarded the Blue Flag status, excellent amenities infrastructure, and an array of exhilarating water sports and outdoor activities guarantee an amazing time on the beach.


Great Sightseeing

Take a gander at Cyprus’ history outlined in the web, and you will find out why it is considered one of Europe’s cradle of civilisation. Boasting a documented history spanning more than four millennia and being conquered by the some of the mightiest empires that ever ruled the world, Cyprus combines natural beauty and an abundance of cultural sights.


Inexhaustible Charm

While most form a mental picture of stunning beaches upon hearing the word ‘Cyprus,’ the island has much more in store for the visitor who loves exploring and digging up hidden gems of beauty.

A great example is the Troodos Mountains, which is actually the only mountain range in Europe allowing a visitor to hit the slopes and then take a swim in the same day!

So, why not make some plans on visiting this wonderful island this summer? Click here and check some of our best villas just metres away from the beach!